Dulcop’s Bubbles in “Blow Against the Walls” to Spread Love

Jun 18, 2018

Bologna-based Italian duo Nadia Antonello and Paolo Ghezzi, collectively known as “Antonello Ghezzi’, are bringing their interactive performance “Blow Against the Walls” to the Wayfarers artist-run space in Brooklyn, New York. Join them on June 23rd at 7pm and become a part of the exhibit. Our parent company, Dulcop International, is proudly supporting this performance by providing the bubbles. Our aim is to bring happiness to the world, one bubble at a time, a mission that connects well to the purpose of the performance.

“Blow Against the Walls” is intended to protest physical barriers around the world. As Antonello Ghezzi state, “We want to break walls poetically, quietly, and non-violently, with beauty and sweetness. We want to fight arrogance with naiveté. As long as there is enough breath to blow another bubble of soap we will blow away our anger.”

Participants at the exhibition will blow bubbles against a large canvas on which photography of border walls by K. Flo Razowsky will be projected. The work of Razowsky, an Ashkenazic, anti-Zionist, queer artist based in Los Angeles, shares Antonello Ghezzi’s interest in social engagement-based art. Razowsky’s “Up Against the Wall” project includes photographs of the walls that define the Palestinian territories, the borders in various Eastern European countries, and the Mexico and United States border.

How can you help bring these walls down? During the performance, grab a bottle of Dulcop’s bubbles and blow bubbles on the canvas. As the bubbles pop and add color to the canvas, the projected walls will change. And the bubbles themselves will be seen as impacting and going through the walls, unstoppable in their lightness, their pigments, and their hope. The performance provokes a whimsical feeling with its lighthearted and participatory approach to an otherwise serious subject. This feeling is accentuated by the ethereal quality of the evanescent soap bubbles. The piece itself innately embraces chance, since every time the piece is performed or exhibited it changes. Previous installations include those at the Petit Bain in Paris, The Art Foundation in Athens, and the Spazio Testoni in Bologna.

Blow against the walls from Antonello Ghezzi on Vimeo.

If you make it to the performance, be sure to take pictures and share them with us on social media!