Bubble Product Search Presentations

Feb 16, 2017

Tuesday was the BIG day! We were at Edison Nation for the presentation by Scott Dromms and Michelle Sartori on all the inventions that made the cut during our search for new bubble products for both Bubble World and Burst. From creative wands and new bubble guns to whole games around blowing bubbles, we were presented with 36 impressive ideas.

It was exciting to see the thought and effort put into each product by the inventors. Many included visual aides such as drawings and 3D renderings, while others had working prototypes and submitted videos with the products in action. There were several inventors who submitted multiple ideas, showing the ingenuity of Edison Nation’s community. We were humbled by the response and loved that our search brought out the kid in everyone involved.

Our minds were racing thinking about how kids and adults would react and interact with each product. It was invaluable to have Scott, Michelle, and the rest of the team at Edison Nation there to bounce around these ideas. Next we’ll be sharing our shortlist of 15 with our team in Italy. Then, after cutting this down even more, it will be time to have Edison Nation dig in deeper to see which products we will be able to bring to market. Check back to see how we progress in our search for unique products for Bubble World and Burst!