Burst’s UNC Charlotte Greek Life Social Media Contest

Mar 6, 2017

How do you bubble? This may seem like an easy question; you just dip the wand in the solution and blow, right? Technically, yes, but our Burst brand goes beyond this simple answer. Burst bubbles are meant to bring back your childhood memories, ignite your imagination, and fuel your creativity. We want fun loving adults to express themselves by using our bubbles in innovative ways.

To jump start this bubble revolution, Greek Life students at UNC Charlotte are competing against each other in a fun contest. For five weeks we will send the participating chapters a prompt that they must answer creatively through pictures, videos, and of course, Burst bubbles!

Check out our Burst Facebook page every Monday at 4pm EST from March 6th through April 3rd. That’s when we will post the submissions from the Chapters and you can vote on which is the best. Votes will be collected each week until the following Monday at noon, EST. Weekly winners receive cash prizes and points. At the end of 5 weeks, we will tally the points and announce the grand prize winner!

Help us support these great students and let’s see how they bubble and make their moments pop!