Classroom Central Bubble Donation

Aug 6, 2018

We love to give the gift of joy through bubbles as often as we can, which is why we are thrilled to be involved in our second donation of the summer with a local non-profit, Classroom Central.

Classroom Central’s mission is to equip students living in poverty to learn effectively by collecting and distributing free school supplies. They serve more than 127,000 students and teachers across 6 school districts (including Charlotte-Mecklenburg) in 199 high-poverty schools. Besides school supplies, they also accept arts and crafts and STEM-related donations, as well as other materials that can be used in a learning environment, like bubbles!

We are happy to announce that we are donating one pallet of Bubble World Birthday 6-packs, which equals 672 packs or 4,033 bottles of bubbles! Dulcop is thrilled to give back to the local community in a way that spreads happiness and the spirit of educational play.