Donation to the Toy Foundation’s Summer Toy Drive

Aug 1, 2018

Dulcop is pleased to announce our bubble donation to The Toy Foundation’s Summer Toy Drive. Growing up, most of us could not wait for school to be out and for summer to begin. We played with friends, received new toys, and romped around outside. Unfortunately, this magical experience is not the same for everyone, as many families struggle to make ends meet and keep their kids entertained and engaged during the summer break.

The purpose of the drive is to provide the gift of play to thousands of children in need. The Toy Foundation’s goal is to reach $1 million in toy donations between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend, which ends September 3.

At Dulcop, we think play is important for everyone. It’s our mission to spread laughter and happiness the world over, one bubble at a time. To do this, we have donated an entire pallet of Bubble World Birthday 6-packs to the worthwhile cause. This equals 672 packs or 4,033 bottles of bubbles! We hope these bubbles will go a little way towards lifting the spirits of children across the country facing adversity this summer. Thank you to the Toy Foundation for initiating the #SummerToyDrive and letting us take part!